Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rockin' Jelly Bean's Erostika anniversary posters

Two gorgeous offset prints from the very talented Japanese artist Rockin' Jelly Bean (RJB). These were bought in Tokyo by Uncle Bill and lovingly hand-carried back to Singapore.

Picture intrepid tech journalist Billy Teo stalking the narrow steets of Harajuku in his trademark light blue shirt and chinos, descending into the Austin Powers psychedelia that is Erostika, RJB's hard-to-locate basement store. What a sight... Uncle Bill, thanks again! I bet you enjoyed the experience though...

The prints are on pale yellow paper, so I went with black matting. They turned out great, and I couldn't have been happier. These rank up there among my favourites, I only wish RJB had signed them.

Click here to read an interview with RJB, or here to visit his official site.


Anonymous said...

Yo Mr Snail,

I remember the experience of going down into the store at Harajuku and speaking to Mr Jelly Bean himself.

You should put up the photos of the store that I gave you.

Very nice posters, by the way.

Wish I had bought the limited edition vinyl monster figure he recommended.....

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